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What Does the Illinois “Stay-at-Home” Order Mean? (Plus, 6 Ways to Help Pass the Time)

With Governor Pritker’s stay-at-home order issued over the weekend, many of our Oak Park Apartment residents are wondering exactly what that means. According to official statements, all non-essential businesses must stop operating, including Chicago Park District buildings and libraries. Essential services, such as grocery stores, gas stations, pharmacies and healthcare facilities will remain open, and […]

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Be Prepared, Severe Weather Ahead

Today’s swirling, snow-globe weather is deceiving as we head into what is meteorological spring. Spring weather here in the mid-west swings from sixty degree temperatures one day, snow the next. It is these swings that can produce some very dangerous weather, from icy streets to thunderstorms, from flooding to tornadoes, March can deliver a whole gamut […]

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How To Close Your Storm Windows

Closing your storm windows is the most helpful way to make sure your apartment stays warm during extreme cold weather. After many storm window related stories over the years from previous tenants, we realized that many people have little experience with closing storm windows so Oak Park Apartments figured a little DIY training might come in handy as we […]

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