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Packing Tips For A Smooth Move

Moving can be stressful.  Whether you are moving into or out of one of Oak Park Apartments apartments we would like to make your move go as smooth as possible. By following these simple packing tips you can be assured that you are organized and your belongings get to your new place, intact!   Don’t pack things you […]

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Getting Your Security Deposit Back

Oak Park Apartments, like all other reputable apartment management companies, requires a security deposit as a part of the terms of a tenant lease. But what Oak Park Apartments really wants is to make sure you get your deposit back at the end of your lease agreement. Why?   Because we want you to be happy and […]

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Make Your Move Go Smooth

There was a time in apartment rental history when spring/summer were the big move out/move in seasons.  No longer is that the case. Yes, spring and summer are still the busiest rental seasons but now-a-days any of the twelve months can be moving season. No matter when you decide to move, want to provide […]

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