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Pet Holiday Safety

Dog with Christmas tree

Pet Holiday Safety

Decorations, food and festivities are what make the holiday season bright. But many of our human holiday traditions can be dangerous or worse for our furry friends. Knowing how to keep your pet safe during the holidays will be the best gift you can give to Fido and Fluffy.

Mistletoe & Holly & More

  • Beware, many holiday plants are poisonous. Mistletoe, holly, poinsettia and even many lilies are not safe for pets if eaten.  The results of your pet ingesting these holiday favorites can include vomiting, organ failure and even death. So play it safe, if you are a pet owner, and go the artificial route if you want to add some holiday greenery to your apartment decor.

Sweet Treats

  • No chocolate, grapes, raisins or other holiday people treats for your four legged friends no matter how much they beg. Basically, human foods are a no-no for animal digestive systems unless you want to incur some costly trips to the vet.
  • Drinking water from the tree stand could make your pet sick. Wrap the tree skirt tightly around the tree and make sure your pet has plenty of clean drinking water available so as not to be tempted.

Decoration Do’s & Don’ts

  • Secure you tree.  Those dangling, shiny ornaments are just too tempting for any self respecting dog or cat to resist.  No one wants an injured pet or a major mess to clean up and the surest way to avoid a tree “cat-astrophe” are by employing a few preventive measures.
  • Avoid tinsel.  Pets cannot resist munching on the glittery stuff and once eaten it can cause havoc in a pets digestive tract and worst case, might require surgical removal.
  • No candles.  Cats especially like the warmth a candle gives off but your kitty my burn itself or accidentally knock over and cause a fire in your home.  That’s certainly not a holiday present that anyone would want on their list!

With these few safety tips you and your pet can enjoy a wonderful and safe holiday season!

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