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Apartment Fire Safety Tips

Fire Safety

Fire Safety Tips

Fires are frightening, destructive and potentially life threatening. As we wind down October/Fire Safety Month we would like to share fire safety tips to help you be fire “smart” while living at Oak Park Apartments.

Top Causes of Apartment Fires

Fires are most often caused when you are cooking, using your stove/oven,  heating related, an electrical overload/issue or from someone who is smoking or burning a candle.


Never leave your stove unattended when cooking. Be careful where you place oven mitts, towels – anything flammable will ignite quickly near an open flame on a stove. Also, be aware that the bottom drawer in your oven is a broiler not storage.  When you turn on the oven you turn on a heat source which will burn or melt anything that is not meant to be there.

When the heat goes on make sure to keep anything combustable at least three feet from that heat source. Clothes, furniture, books, etc… should all be away from radiators or heating vents. Not only does this block the heat for circulating through your apartment it is a very real fire safety hazard.

At Oak Park Apartments we pride ourselves in our apartments being a smoke free environment for our tenants. Smoking is still a major cause of fires and needs to be addressed.  Unattended smoking materials are an enormous risk. Smoke outside and properly dispose of whatever you are smoking.

Candles smell lovely, provide ambiance and are a part of many holidays and celebrations. But, the few fires that we have experienced at Oak Park Apartments have been caused by candles that were left lit and then forgotten.  Use twinkle lights for ambiance and essential oils to provide a pleasant scent and go wild on candles, that get blown out quickly, for your birthday.

Cell phone, laptop, kindle  – oh so much of our life is plugged in. Just make sure that you are not overloading one outlet or circuit. Use a power strip to prevent surges. Be aware of old, frayed or cracked wires. And never, ever hide a electrical chord under a rug.

Fire Emergency

If there is a fire in your building or apartment you will want to exit as quickly as possible. Check all doors for heat before you open.  If the door is cool open with caution.  If you see smoke stay low and cover your mouth. Once you are safely out of the building call 9-1-1 immediately. Do not, for any reason, return to a burning building.

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