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Be Prepared, Severe Weather Ahead

Today’s swirling, snow-globe weather is deceiving as we head into what is meteorological spring. Spring weather here in the mid-west swings from sixty degree temperatures one day, snow the next. It is these swings that can produce some very dangerous weather, from icy streets to thunderstorms, from flooding to tornadoes, March can deliver a whole gamut of changing weather systems from one moment to the next.

Since raising awareness is the best way to protect and save lives Illinois has designated this first week in March as Severe Weather Preparedness Week.


What is your best line of defense in case of a severe weather emergency?

Stay informed and be prepared to take action!

  • Know your local warning systems and weather terminology.
  • Like the National Weather Service social media sites to get the most up to the minute reports, then share and retweet to spread the word when severe weather strikes.
  • Determine the best location in your house or workplace to seek shelter.
  • Maintain an emergency supply kit both in your home and car.
  • Keep all important documents in a safe deposit box and store in a secure area.
  • Purchase renter’s insurance.  The cost of renter’s insurance is a small monthly price to pay to ensure you can replace your possessions.

Oak Park Weather Warning Systems and Tornado Safety

The Village of Oak Park is ready for any weather emergency. If and when a tornado is sighted within a 10-mile radius of the Oak Park, River Forest and/or Elmwood Park communities a warning siren will sound. If the siren sounds and you are home in your Oak Park Apartment go to the lowest level of your building.  If you don’t have time find a closet, bathroom or interior hall away from any windows. Once in a safe space cover up with a blanket or cushions for protection from flying debris.

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