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Local Elections Matter, Oak Parkers

Yes, local elections produce historically low voter turnout.  But that should not stop you from voting Oak Park! Today’s election includes races for Oak Park’s village president and village trustees as well as seats on the library, park district and district 200 (OPRF High School) boards. Here is why believes you should vote in […]

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Here's The Scoop On Oak Park's Dog Poop

Oak Park has rules regarding pets.  Those rules encompass how many pets, what type of pets, pet licensing, pet medical care, leash laws and yes, rules on pet poop and its’ necessary pick-up. Oak Park’s pet poop ordinance states: “The owner of an animal shall be responsible for the removal and sanitary disposition of any excreta […]

Read More… Invites Tenants To A Movie Night Out – Outside That Is! was looking for fun ways to say “thank you” to our tenants and we thought what better way to express our gratitude but through a “night out” on us! Well, actually, not just one night out but 3 nights out! What, where and when are the details of this not one but three nights […]

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Val's Celebrating – Come Join in the 40th Anniversary Fun! just wants to spread the news about friend and tenant, Val’s Halla Records 40th anniversary sale this week end. 40 years in business is a big deal!  To commemorate “Val”entine’s Day, LOVE (Val’s love of all things music!) and 40 years in the record business, Val is offering all who come in 40% off […]

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Cash Mob Update!

What’s a cash mob you ask? Cash mobs are an organized effort to help a specific small business on a particular day and time to boost their bottom line. Organized through social media sites such as facebook and Twitter, this “new social-networking-and-shopping movement” asks that people go to a particular store at a specified day […]

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Oak Park Number 3 In The Nation! is proud to announce that once again our favorite village, Oak Park, is in the news! The American Planning Association named Oak Park the third best neighborhood in the nation, yes we said Nation! This ranking is based on Oak Park being a “lively city and historical hub”  and a virtual “museum of the […]

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Parking Restrictions Eased Over Thanksgiving is giving thanks to the Village of Oak Park for easing up on the parking restrictions over the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  This will allow out of town visitors to be able to park overnight on any Oak Park street with out having to call in their vehicle or waking up to a parking […]

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Gymnastics Center Good for East Lake Street Business District

The Park District of Oak Park has purchased the old Aldi grocery store at 25 Lake Street. There is discussion about making the site the new gymnastics center or a maintenance and storage garage for the park district. supports the Oak Park Park District’s proposal to relocate the Gymnastics Center to the former Aldi […]

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Ernest Hemingway – A Part of Oak Park's Rich History loves its community and the historical flavor that is an integral part of what makes Oak Park a truly unique place to live. Ernest Hemingway is one such remarkable historical figure whose roots began in Oak Park. has decided to share with its’ readers a little Hemingway “FYI”. Ernest was born on July […]

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