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What’s Under Your Bed??

imgres-1Why an oasis of extra storage space, of course!

Whether you sleep on a full, queen or king sized bed Oak Park Apartments knows there is valuable real estate right under your pillow – just make sure the dust bunnies don’t mind if you muscle in on their territory!

Pretty much anything can go under your bed.  It does make more sense to store stuff that you won’t need on a daily basis such as: seasonal clothes, extra linens, luggage, files, wrapping paper, etc.

The first step to creating usable storage is to measure the area of your bed as well as the height from the floor to the bed frame so you know dimensions when you go to purchase your storage containers.

Simple plastic see through bins with lids are inexpensive and work great at keeping your items organized, visible and dust bunny free.  Some bins come with wheels and open at either end so they are easier to pull out and access from either side of your bed.  These, generally, come with a higher price tag.

If cash is tight, simply use cardboard boxes or your luggage (dual purpose if you fill with stuff you need to store) and spend your money on a bed skirt to hide your stored items from plain sight.  Just be sure to label what is inside the boxes so your things are easy to find when needed.images

If you are in the market for a bed frame choose one that already has storage built in or one that sits higher off the floor so you’ll have more vertical space to use to stack and store.

So hey, dust bunnies, get ready to make room!

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