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What’s Your Spring Cleaning Plan Oak Park?

While it still does not feel like spring here in Oak Park, is confident that the weather will take a turn for the better soon – it really can’t get too much worse….  So, while you are still stuck indoors you might as well use the time to do a bit of spring cleaning

The first step in cleaning is always de-cluttering.  Set aside some time to go through closets, cabinets and storage. Donate, sell or just plain get rid of what you no longer use, need or value.  (There are local Oak Park options for selling clothing and household items to make this process less painful and put some $$ back in your pocket.)

Once you have sorted through the clutter the next step is to have a plan.  Whether you want to go room by room or focus on a particular project staying focused is an important part of actually getting any job done.  The pros at Right @ Home developed printable cleaning checklists for every room – making the planning part of spring cleaning so much easier or you can simply google “spring cleaning checklist” and find one that suits your cleaning style.

Remember there is no need to tackle every room in a weekend.  Use the checklists to track your progress and soon (oh, how we mid-westerners can only hope) the weather will actually be warmer and you will be able to spend you time enjoying the outdoors – not doing your spring cleaning chores!

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