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Here’s The Scoop On Oak Park’s Dog Poop

Oak Park has rules regarding pets.  Those rules encompass how many pets, what type of pets, pet licensing, pet medical care, leash laws and yes, rules on pet poop and its’ necessary pick-up.

Oak Park’s pet poop ordinance states: “The owner of an animal shall be responsible for the removal and sanitary disposition of any excreta deposited by the animal anywhere in the Village.  When accompanying an animal outside the owner’s premises, the owner shall have suitable means for the removal of excreta.”, in an effort to help dog owners comply with this ordinance, has installed poop bag dispensers at every one of our buildings.

Most dog owners go out for a walk with their pet with every intent of picking up the waste of their pup.  Yet, many an owner has been in the situation where, after going through two plastic poop bags on their walk, their pet surprisingly needs to go yet a third time. There you are, bag-less, not knowing what to do! Well, if you are by an OPA building (and there are 40 of ’em!) you just need to look around to find the wall mounted dispenser! Happy scooping!

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