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How To Paint Furniture – The Easy Way

Looking for an easy project that will spruce up your apartment decor without breaking the bank? suggests painting an old piece of furniture to give yourself a design boost for not a lot of $$.

First know that this can be done without having to sand the piece of furniture which cuts down on a huge amount of mess as well as time.

Supplies you will need:

  • A degreasing cleaner.
  • A stain blocking primer that will adhere to any surface without sanding (Glidden Gripper, Kilz or Zinsser are some good brand choices).
  • A latex low luster metal & wood enamel paint – the color of your choice – Benjamin Moore is a good reputable brand of paint.
  • Inexpensive foam rollers, brushes, plastic bags, paint tray liners and plastic drop cloths – buy in bulk for better savings plus if you need extra mid job you don’t need to stop what you’re doing to buy more supplies.

Now it’s time to paint!

  • Remove any hardware and put in a ziploc bag for safe keeping.
  • Place furniture on drop cloth.
  • Clean the furniture with the de-greaser.
  • Use the large, inexpensive foam roller to prime flat surfaces of the furniture.
  • Use foam brushes to prime any other areas.
  • Let primer dry thoroughly (24 hours!)


  • Store all wet brushes and rollers in plastic bags between coats – this prevents them from drying out until you are ready to use again.


  • Apply a second coat of primer if needed and again, allow 24 hours to dry andwrap rollers and brushes in plastic bags.
  • Time to apply the paint.  Use the same techniques you used with your primer.
  • Once dry replace hardware.
  • For an easy clean up throw out drop cloth, foam brushes and rollers.
  • Enjoy your “new” furniture!
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