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The Pros of Having a Roomie

imagesRoommates can offer more benefits then just the obvious plus of cheaper rent/splitting utility costs.

Though saving $$ is a big reason to consider wanting to share a space can point to a few other reasons of why having a roommate can be a positive experience.

  • Security. Two people coming and going, especially if you have different schedules can throw a wrench into any would be intruders plans.  Plus, it is nice to have another person in the apartment at night – safety in numbers.
  • Instant pet sitter. You are taking a trip and you don’t know what to do with Felix your cat, oh wait, you have a roomie who can makes sure your feline friend gets fed, at the bare minimum.  Remember to bring them back a t-shirt or snow globe to show your pet sitting appreciation!
  • Carpool or public transport pal. Oak Park is home to many who are employed in our fine city of Chicago so the chances that you and your roommate may be going to similar Chicago areas could make the commute, whether by car, train or “L”, that much more enjoyable, affordable and safe.
  • Sharing is caring. You and your roommate may be able to swap sweaters, one of you may own an xbox, exercise equipment, 72″ flat screen t.v., loves to cook or clean. Sharing your talents and stuff becomes easier and more fun!
  • Lonely no more. Sharing space means you have an instant friend.  Feel like ice cream, going to a movie, hanging out at Oak Street Beach….. just invite your roommate and make the event an adventure for two!
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