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Apartment Tips for a Cozy Winter

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Apartment Tips for a Cozy Winter

Winter has shown up early this year.  Temperatures have dipped and we have already seen snow. When the weather is miserable and cold outside there is nothing better than coming home to a toasty warm apartment.  By implementing a few easy tips you can keep your apartment feeling cozy all winter long.

Insulated Curtains

Purchase insulated curtains. These curtains are lined with an extra layer of heavy fabric so they do an excellent job of blocking the cold air that seeps through windows and keeps the warm air in your apartment.  They come in a range of styles, colors and prices and can be easily found at your local Target or Bed, Bath and Beyond.  Installation is easy.  You can buy a tension rod or brackets that fit over your mini-blinds that make hanging these, or any curtains, a breeze.

Ceiling Fan

When the weather turns cold flip the switch on your ceiling fan so it rotates clockwise.  Then turn your fan on the lowest speed. This will pull cool air up and push warm air, which naturally rises to the ceiling, down where you want to feel the warmth.


In the winter dry air sucks away moisture. By using a humidifier in your apartment you benefit in many ways. Your skin won’t feel as dry, it helps prevent you from getting sick, plus your home will feel warmer by several degrees by simply adding some moisture back into the air.

Draft Blockers

Just like insulated curtains, draft blockers, placed at the bottom of your back door, keeps the cold air out.  You can buy, make or just roll up an old towel and it will do the trick of keeping the cold air out.

Keep warm at Oak Park Apartments

It may be cold outside, but your Oak Park Apartment is sure to be toasty.  Over the thirty plus years of owning and operating multi-unit properties OPA has upgraded our boiler systems and added sensors that monitor the heat to make sure you stay warm even in the coldest of winters. If there is an issue OPA has responsive, trained maintenance staff ready to address any problem.

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