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Hot Weather Tips To Keep Pets Safe

Hot and humid weather is often referred to as the dog days of summer.
And imagine being a dog (or cat) and having to function in the heat while wearing your fur coat.
As a pet friendly apartment management company
Oak Park Apartments would like to help keep your pet safe and comfortable
when temperatures soar by offering a few simple tips:


  • During extreme heat it is important that pets are in an air conditioned environment.
  • Keep air moving with fans but know that pets respond differently to heat. Fans do not have the same effect on pets as they do on people.
  • Limit exercise to early mornings or later in the evenings when temperatures are cooler.
  • Close blinds/curtain so the sun does not heat up your apartment.
  • Ensure your pet has plenty of cold water to drink throughout the day.  Pets cool from the inside out so access to cold water is important. One trick is to create a jumbo ice cube (get creative), by freezing water overnight then pop that giant cube into your pets water bowl in the morning for cool drinking water all day long.
  • Purchase products that will help keep your pet cool during the day, like the Easyology Premium Pet Cold Gel Pad.
  • Groom/brush/bathe your pet regularly. Never shave your pet – their fur actually protects them from the heat and sunburn.
  • Panting allows your pet regulate its’ body temperature so do not muzzle your dog when it is really hot.
  • Never leave your pet in a alone in a car.  Not even for a minute. A car can heat up to over 120 degrees in 30 minutes or less.
  • Watch for signs of heatstroke.  If you suspect your pet is exhibiting signs of heatstroke seek veterinary attention immediately.
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