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Be A Good, Pet Friendly Neighbor


Dogs and apartments do mix – especially when you are renting from, a pet-friendly apartment provider.

What is the key to having a successful pet/apartment situation?  You, the owner!

Here are some tips to making the best pet choice for you and your apartment lifestyle:

Know your personality – are you active or laid back? Once you’ve answered that question then pick an apartment friendly breed that best suits your personal activity level.

TrainingBasic obedience is also a must since no neighbor ever known to man enjoys a dogs constant barking, (and think of the poor pooch) so please train your dog to be polite.

Exercise – Everybody needs exercise and Oak Park has both dog parks and regular parks that are dog friendly, for you and your pet to enjoy, run and play in.  Plus, it is a good way for dogs and owners to meet and socialize with other dogs and owners as well.

The Village of Oak Park has rules and regulations on pet ownership with apartment dwellers being allowed one dog per apartment.

So remember, the key to pet success while living in an apartment is to pick a breed that suits your activity level, train your dog to be a good neighbor and make sure fido is able to run & play with other furry friends.

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