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Is Renting Furniture a Good Idea? (Find Exclusive Savings Inside)

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Wondering if renting furniture for your apartment is a good idea? The general rule of thumb is that it makes sense to rent furniture if your living situation is temporary – that is, if you’re anticipating a move within two years, and you don’t plan to bring your furniture with you. On the other hand, renting furniture simply because you don’t have the money to buy,  is not necessarily the best decision. In the long run, you’ll end up paying a lot more for rent-to-buy solutions than if you saved up to buy the furniture outright.

Here are a few examples of when it makes sense to rent furniture.


For students who don’t yet know where there post-college career will take them, furniture rental is ideal. After all, why buy permanent furniture for a temporary move, especially when you’re living on a student budget? Students can furnish an entire apartment in the Chicago area for as little as $130/month with a 12-month lease from AFR Furniture Rental, or lease for just 9 months and easily return the furniture at the end of the school year.

Military Service Members

For military personnel who are frequently relocated, furniture rental offers a significant convenience. Rather than moving your furniture from station to station, you can simply order furniture online, have it delivered and pre-assembled, and then picked up at the end of each tour. It also tends to be cheaper than moving your furniture cross-country. Living room, dining room and master bedroom rental packages for an apartment in the Chicago area start at just $249/month for a 12-month lease.

Business Professionals

If you find yourself moving every few months for your career, furniture rental is a no-brainer. As a busy professional, you likely don’t have the time to shop, and furniture rental is an easy way to set up a new home quickly. Simply pick out your furniture online, choose a lease term from 1 to 12+ months, and arrange for delivery. You can furnish an apartment in the Chicago area starting at $249/month with a 12-month lease. And when the next move comes along, you won’t have the hassle or costs associated with moving your furniture across the country or around the globe.

Impending Move

Maybe you’re living in an apartment temporarily while you wait for your home to be built, or you plan to move into a place with a roommate or partner in the coming months, and he or she already owns a lot of furniture. In these instances, it doesn’t make sense to buy new furnishings until you are settled into a more permanent place. When renting furniture you can choose as few or as many pieces as you need to live comfortably in the interim. AFR Furniture Rental has packages starting as low as $249/month with a 12-month lease for apartments in the Chicago area.

Furniture Rental Deals for Oak Park Apartments

Residents of Oak Park Apartments in Chicago, River Forest, Forest Park and Oak Park can take advantage of exclusive offers from AFR Furniture Rental. Get 25% off your first month with a furniture rental of 3-5 months, or 50% off your first month with a furniture rental of 6-11 months. Get started on your furniture rental, or browse available Oak Park Apartments in the Chicago area.

This post was originally published on June 18, 2019, but has been updated to reflect current pricing as of March 3, 2022.

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