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Are You A Good Roommate?

It’s easy to point the finger at the other guy when troubles arise in any relationship but truly the most effective way to help any situation is to analyze what you can do to better get along.

  • Set Expectations From The Start. Go into a roommate relationship with some established rules on cleaning, expenses, food, visitors, etc.  When roomies are on the same page it is easier to get along!
  • Respect. Know personal boundaries and respect them.  Whether it’s noise, personal space, cleanliness, etc… No one wants a roommate that won’t be respectful – so know when to turn down your music, knock when your roommates door is closed, pick up your wet towels off the bathroom floor – all ways of showing you respect someone else.
  • Don’t Eat Your Room Mates Food. Just a big no-no.  I remember the time in college when a roommate snuck into a care package, ate a Hershey’s chocolate bar and then put the wrapper back together so it looked as if the candy was still there. Like it wouldn’t be noticed?  Ask, replace, respect and yes, then you can share each others food.
  • Split Expenses Equally. No one likes a cheapskate as a roommate.  Even if your roommate might be better off financially then you it is not their responsibility to shoulder more of the expenses.  Pull your weight.
  • Communicate. When there are issues set aside some time to talk it out rationally.
  • Humor.  Using a little humor to help communicate issues can make all the difference.
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