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Apartment Living Skills – Resetting A Tripped Circuit Breaker

In the early 1900’s, when most of Oak Park Apartments properties were originally built, a tenant’s basic needs for electricity was limited to lighting and a few basic appliances.
Air conditioners, laptops, dishwashers, cell phones; all of our 21st century amenities and technological needs have placed a greater demand on electrical services at these historic buildings.
In order to keep up with that demand and to guarantee safe housing Oak Park Apartments has worked with the Village of Oak Park and ComEd to upgrade electric circuits and wires at our properties so they are safe and able to handle today’s load.
The modern circuit breaker is designed to “trip” when the load capacity becomes too great. Tenants should know where their circuit breaker panel is located and how to reset a tripped circuit.
If repeated circuit breaker “trips” happen Oak Park Apartments requests that tenants contact management.
At times, after severe storms, buildings can suffer power outages.  Since multiple power lines can feed a single building there are instances when parts of a building or even rooms in an individual apartment can be out of power while other building areas or individual rooms don’t have any issues.
Please know that during these acts of nature the quick restoration of power is the goal but can be out of our control until ComEd is able to restore overall service to a specific area or power line.


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