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An Apartment Laundry Revolution

imgresSmart phone apps are making it easier and more convenient for consumers to purchase, have fun and take care of business in every aspect of our daily lives.

And, as part of a desire to constantly maintain and improve our properties for tenants Oak Park Apartments regularly asks “what can we do better?”.

So, with that being said, tenants it is time to say good bye to having to scrounge for quarters in order to perform your laundry chores because OPA is about to drag laundry technology into the 21st century!!

OPA has implemented and begun the testing of a smart phone laundry app at our 431 North Humphrey and 901 South Wesley properties and, in just one week’s time, over 45 loads of laundry have been washed and dried without the need for any coins.

How does this laundry app work?

PayRange is the app (App store or Google Play).  It’s simple. Just download the app and fund the account via a variety of payment options. Go to settings and make sure your Bluetooth is switched on.

Now it’s time to do laundry!

Enter the laundry room, open the app – which will search for connected laundry machines, select the equipment you want to use and start your laundry by “swiping up” when prompted. No pocket full of quarters, no coins jamming in the machine, no hassle.

Not only will you be free of quarters you will also receive coupons for free washes and your account will be automatically be refunded if you have a machine malfunction.imgres

And for the users who are not quite ready to empty their pockets of quarters you will still be able to use the laundry machines just as you always have. The machines will be able to handle coins or technology without complaint.

Now if we could only get some technology that would help to fold the laundry.


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