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8 Voting Days Left

The end of August – back to school thoughts, grabbing a last beach day, watching preseason football on T.V. , a crispness to the air that is a reprieve to the summer heat – all come to mind.

But wait don’t let August end without casting a vote in’s 25th anniversary charity contest!  There are still 8 days left of glorious August and not only should everyone take the time to enjoy the last glimmers of summer before fall becomes a reality but also remember to take the time to vote to help one of the many worthy charities win some much needed funds.

$2,025 is the amount to be won and there are only 8 voting days left in August and then only one final month (September!) to vote/win.  Four charities have already won; Hephzibah, The Oak Park River Forest Food Pantry, The Children’s Clinic and Parenthesis Family Center. Votes carry over from month to month so efforts add up! Your favorite charity could be next but it takes your vote and the votes of your friends – spread the word.

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