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Winter Weather Driving Tips

imgresWinter has finally made it’s way to the midwest and with it come the hazards of driving on icy streets.  

Oak Park Apartments knows one of the many benefits of living in Oak Park is the option of taking the Metra or “L” to work, which can be less of a hassle when the weather is foul.  But, if your only option is to take your car, then following a few simple winter weather driving tips can help keep you safe on the road.

  • “Know Before You Go”.  Check your local road and traffic conditions before heading out and adjust your route if necessary.
  • Allow More Time To Get To Your Destination.
  • Turn On Your Lights. You increase your visibility to other motorists &
    snowplow operators when you turn your lights on – even during the daytime.
  • Brush Snow & Scape Ice Off Your Car.  Visibility is necessary – seeing and being seen is important. Pay special attention to clearing your head and tail lights of snow!images
  • Slow Down & Drive According To Conditions.  O.k. this may seem like a “no duh” statement but we have all driven on slick road conditions, have witnessed somebody driving way too fast and the subsequent spin out/accident that happens because they were going way too fast. Better to get wherever you are going late and in one piece.
  • Snowplows Typically Move At Slower Speeds.  So give them space & cautiously pass when it is safe to do so.
  • Cruise Control + Wet Pavement = Accident Waiting To Happen.  Hydroplaning happens on moist roads. Whether the moisture is rain, ice or snow, it makes no difference. If you use your cruise control during wet weather conditions what can happen (because water offers no resistance) is your motor revs up and your tires, minus any traction, spin faster.  When your tires eventually reconnect with the pavement your car surges forward, giving you little to no control.
  • Be Patient.  This may seem obvious but driving is a stressor and driving in unfavorable weather conditions tops the stress charts. Being patient allows you to better focus and be ready to take evasive actions if and when needed.
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