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What To Do If You Are Moving To A New State?

Moving?  Not only moving but moving to a new state? Moving is stressful.  Moving to another state can add a whole new level of stress so a little preparation prior to your move can help to ease the anxiety.

Here are a few tips about moving across state lines.

  • Visit the state you plan on moving to before the move and spend some time so you know if that state is a good fit for you.
  • Research the economy of that state.
  • Once you have decided on the state you plan to move to the next step is to narrow down an area you want to be living in – big city or hip village (yes, like Oak Park!) for example.
  • Learn about housing (check out for that!), career opportunities, social life, transportation, etc.. in the area you are interested in living.
  • Get the facts about the cost of living.
  • Find a job before moving to a new state unless of course your being relocated – then you already have that one taken care of.
  • Determine your moving budget and start saving.
  • Develop a support system of people/organizations/clubs before you move.  If you are a runner look into the local running club, if you are into volunteering look into some organizations that align with your beliefs.  Having social support in place will help to combat the feelings of loneliness that you might experience in any move, let alone one in another state. (Just another Oak Park plug – we’ve got it all and more!)
  • Research moving companies – make sure to check out online reviews first then ask trusted friends and family for additional references.
  • Get at least 3 moving estimates from the various moving companies you have done some research on before making a final choice.
  • Contact your cell phone company to see if they provide service in the state you plan to move to.
  • Check out cable, utility and internet providers and schedule connection service in advance.
  • Visit the DMV in your new state to get a new driver’s license and license plates.
  • Register to vote in your new state.

Bottom line, like most things in life, planning and preparation are the best ways to avoid the stress and problems of a move – especially one that crosses state lines.

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