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Tornados in Oak Park? Be Prepared!


With the first week of March being dedicated to severe weather preparedness and Illinois being a part of what is know as “tornado alley” Oak Park Apartments wanted to provide some basic information for apartment residents on what to do in case of a tornado.

Be aware of the signs that a tornado may be approaching:

  • The sky is dark or green in color
  • Low-lying dark cloud cover
  • Large hail
  • The sound of a freight train-like roar

Tune into the local news/weather to get the latest emergency weather information and if
the tornado siren does sound do not ignore. Many people feel safe in their own apartments/homes and this secure feeling may make them feel foolish for taking the extra life saving precautions that are needed during a severe storm.

Several tips to keep in mind when faced with a severe storm/tornado warning:

  • The number one cause of death in the event of a tornado is flying debris.
  • Stay away from windows in the event of a severe storm/tornado threat.
  • The safest place to be is in the center of a basement, away from windows.
  • If you can not get to a basement in time take cover in a closet, stairwell. Lie under or in something sturdy – a table, bed or in bathtub – cover yourself with a comforter or pillows.


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