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Tips to Keep Your Dog Happy Living in Your Apartment

When living in an apartment it is a fact of life that constant barking from your four-legged friend will not please your neighbors. You want both everybody to be happy. So how do you keep Fido content? Follow these tips to keep your dog happy living in your apartment and your neighbors even happier.


Different breeds thrive better in apartments. Research a breed’s energy levels and socialization needs before picking your pet to make sure your pet will be a good fit for apartment life.  And don’t rule out any breed based on size. Many larger dogs are low energy, like a Great Dane, and will be content in an apartment. 


Wear out Fido before you leave.  Exercise is your best defense for keeping your pet quiet and out of trouble when you go out.  Whether your pet needs a 20 minute walk around the block or 40 minutes of high intensity fetch at the local dog park is up to you. Not only is the exercise good at curbing your pets energy level but it also provides quality time for you and your pet, which helps decrease a pet’s anxiety and behavior issues.


Get fluffy on a schedule that she can count on.  Walk, food, play, rest at the same time every day will create an environment that helps both pet and owner know what to expect.


Rotate the toys you leave out for your pet. Different toys help stimulate your pet and provide a new and exciting daily adventure for your canine companion.  Food dispensing toys are also a good way to keep your pet occupied and focused on that all-encompassing goal of getting treats to eat.


If you plan on being out of your apartment for long stretches of time plan is to enlist a friend or a service you pay to walk your dog during the day. For a nominal cost your pet gets all the love and attention he or she deserves.

Following these tips will not only keep your pet happy in your apartment but you and your neighbors too!

Looking for a pet friendly place to call home?

Oak Park Apartments loves being a pet friendly apartment management company and, with a wide selection of apartments to choose from, you and your furry friend will find a great place to call home right here in Oak Park.

The Village of Oak Park is also pet friendly offering you and Fido multiple dog parks to enjoy. Plus Chicago is only 7 miles west of downtown, allowing you and your furry friend even more fun options at your finger and paw-tips.

Oak Park Apartments offers studiosone-bedroomtwo-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments for rent near Chicago, and all units are pet-friendly. Browse our available apartments or contact us for more information.

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