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Shopper’s Rewards Program In Full Swing knows a good deal when it hears one and we want all Oak Park shoppers to start saving receipts from local Oak Park businesses because Downtown Oak Park’s (DTOP) Shopper’s Reward Program is underway. “What,” you ask, “is involved in the Shopper’s Reward Program?” Quite simply it is a way Oak Park rewards folks […]

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Free Rent? Only If You’re A Birdbrain! is going to the birds… literally. To further our efforts of being good environmental stewards of this Earth and the Oak Park community specifically, OPA is adding 24 birdhouses at our properties. Why birdhouses?  Attracting a variety of birds to your neighborhood provides a vital service for the ecosystem. Birds eat insects, weed seeds as […]

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Oak Park's Great Food Truck Rally

The mobile food truck has become the newest rage in the food service industry.  Long gone are the boring hot dogs or simple Good Humor bars that one used to associate with a food truck.  Today’s food trucks offer a vast array of gourmet delights. Jumping on this growing food trend is Pilgrim Congregational Church, […]

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Oak Park Tops Charts, Once Again!

The Village of Oak Park has just been ranked in the top 10 as a community that has one of the “highest concentrations of people working in fields classified as “creative class,” according to census data. “Creative class” is defined as people who work in science and technology, business and management, arts, culture, media and […]

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Calling All Artists To The Village Of Oak Park!

Oak Park is filled with artistic, creative people. Are you one of them? If so, wants you to know that the Village of Oak Park needs your help and is willing to pay you for your efforts! The Village is seeking 15 artists to continue the marvelous transformation of the Green Line retaining walls into […]

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Thank You Bicycle Barclay wants to give a nod of thanks to Oak Park’s earliest unofficial historian, Philander Barclay. Barclay was a bicycle repairman by trade with a passion for photography. Sometime in the 1880’s Bicycle Barclay, as he is fondly known, diligently traversed throughout the two communities of Oak Park and River Forest on his bicycle taking pictures […]

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Oak Park Gets Organized!

Is organization on your 2013 to do list?  Do you know you have hoarding tendencies but don’t know how to break the bond between you and your stuff? With over 26 years in the apartment rental business has seen many apartments become a victim of an overwhelming amount of things. The way to overcome […]

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Tips On Expressing Your Own Personal "Guy-Style"

Men are you tired of milk crate book shelves and grandpa’s hand-me-down recliner defining your style?  Yet, calling your mom for design assistance could produce even more dire decorating consequences. Don’t be afraid.  By following these few simple tips is confident that you will find your own personal guy-style. Quality. Start slow. Buy one good, […]

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Renting vs. Buying – What Makes Financial Cents 4 You!

Homeownership has been a part of the American dream for decades but wonders, “Does owning really make more sense then renting?” When making the decision between buying vs. renting here are some financial reasons that might sway you to remain a renter. Maintenance. Leaky roof, not your responsibility.  Refrigerator goes on the fritz, not […]

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Shop Oak Park On Small Business Saturday And Everyday!

Black Friday is officially here.  The holiday shopping madness is upon us.  What can you, Oak Parkers, do to make this holiday season less of a stress?  Shop small. feels that shopping small is the answer to taking back your holiday season. Visiting Oak Park’s local merchants and purchasing your holiday needs from the […]

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