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Shop Oak Park On Small Business Saturday And Everyday!

Black Friday is officially here.  The holiday shopping madness is upon us.  What can you, Oak Parkers, do to make this holiday season less of a stress?  Shop small. feels that shopping small is the answer to taking back your holiday season. Visiting Oak Park’s local merchants and purchasing your holiday needs from the many mom and pop businesses that reside right here in Oak Park makes sense.

Why you ask, does shopping local matter?  A Few facts:

  • Small businesses are the largest employer in North America. (That alone is a powerful statement.)
  • Local businesses are owned by people vested in the community (like you!). These people are more likely to stay in the community and feel a part of its future. In fact, studies show that entrepreneurs and skilled workers have more of a tendency to settle in a community that’s tied to preserving its distinctive character.
  • Hometown entrepreneurs contribute up to 2.5 times as much to local nonprofits as chain stores.
  • About 45 percent of money spent at a local business stays in the community compared to only 14 percent of dollars spent at a big-box store. These dollars not only cycle through the community many times but they also produce tax revenues to fund schools and safe streets. (Local businesses do much more to enhance the local economy than big-box stores, contrary to all the media blitz you may have seen.)
  • The unique shops and services available in your community are part of what brings tourists and their checkbooks to your locale.
  • Local businesses quite often hire employees with better product knowledge and more interest in getting to know the customers.


Oak Park has many numerous unique shops run buy local people where you can find a perfect personalized gift for any and everyone on your holiday list. Participate in Downtown Oak Park’s Shoppers Rewards Program and you can even earn a gift certificates to be used post holiday.
Why, do you ask, would care about supporting local?  Well, we are a locally owned and operated company that has been in business for over 26 years.  We know the time, effort, commitment and resources it takes to be a small business and we want to support others who have the same dream of being their own boss.  So remember the shop local facts and  go out and shop local not only for the holidays but every day!
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