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Safety First – Crime Prevention Tips

imagesNo one asks to be a victim of crime. Whether you live in a big city or an urban village like Oak Park, crime can happen. Being prepared is a persons best defense. So friends of Oak Park Apartments, please take a minute to read and practice these safety tips:

  • Be Aware: Criminals are good at spotting people who appear unaware of what is going on around them. Know your surroundings, be confidant and maintain eye contact.  No earbuds or mindless cell phone “talk”. A cell phone is an asset only if you are aware, the person you are speaking with knows your location and will call police if needed.
  • Follow Your Gut: Intuition is a powerful tool and should be listened to.   Avoid a person or a situation which does not “feel” safe – if you “sense” something is wrong, LISTEN To Your Instincts.  If you are unsure or afraid of a situation change your route and go to an area where there are people – immediately.
  • Safety In Numbers: Travel in pairs or groups whenever possible.  If you are feeling unsafe contact the Oak Park police – they will always provide you with an escort.
  • Make Noise: If you are in a dangerous situation make noise – yell fire, scream – do whatever you can to attract attention. “Screecher”-type alarms are good deterrents – buy, carry and use – they are no good at the bottom of your purse or pocket.


Be Aware, Be Prepared, Have A Plan, Stay Safe.

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