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Support “The Arts”


Oak Park Apartments supports the arts.

Yes, we have properties in the Harrison Street Arts District which makes promoting the neighborhood arts vibe the obvious thing to do but there are so many compelling reasons to help to ensure “The Arts” sustain and thrive in our community.

Here’s our reasons:

  • Improves academic performance.Students with an education rich in the arts have higher GPA’s, standardized test scores, and lower drop-out rates – regardless of socio-economic status. So supporting the arts really is just common sense for a better future.Strengthens the economy.The art and culture sector is a $699 billion industry according to the US Bureau of Economic Analysis and that’s a lot of dough that people are spending so it makes sense to give the public what it wants.

    Good for small businesses.

    Which is a direct tie in to the previous bullet point.  People and 11350784_10153043876932739_6423370004917793338_ncommunities who embrace creative businesses are supporting “small“, which is a great business circle of life. You shop at a small business, the small business supports the community not only through taxes but by being involved in the community, donating to local charities, employing people from the community who then earn a living to be able to spend the money they earn back in your community, and on it goes.

    Drives tourism.

    Think concerts, plays, museums – people want experiences and they will travel to get there. And according to research, non-local attendees spend twice as much at these events as people living in the community.

    Positive social impact.

    A Princeton University study points that a high concentration of the arts in communities and schools can positively impact how people interact, feel about and trust in one another.  All good things.

So, feel compelled, support the arts in any number of ways – shop local, attend a concert, take an arts class, donate to a local arts charity and always stop and appreciate what others have created.

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