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Oak Park’s Got Walk-Ability!

Yeah, walk-ability, Oak Park’s got walk-ability! went to to find out Oak Park’s walk-ability score and let’s just say Oak Park gets high marks for being a walkable community. Depending on your zip code Oak Parkers scores range from 76, a “very walkable” rating on up to 95, a “walkers paradise” rating.

What makes a community walkable you ask?

  • A center: It can either mean a building or main street – we could consider Lake Street and Oak Park Avenue as our “center”.
  • People: Oak Park has scads – over 52,000.
  • Parks and public space: Should we start listing, Scoville Park, Austin Gardens, Taylor Park, Ridgeland Commons, Rehm Park……
  • Affordable housing located near businesses: but of course – its what does best!
  • Pedestrian design: which means buildings close to the street and parking in back…. well it’s Oak Park and parking is just parking… we deal.
  • Schools and workplaces: plenty of both!
  • Complete streets: which means streets that are designed for bicyclists, pedestrians, and transit – we’ve got ’em!

So now we all know why Oak Park earned high marks on the walk-ability scale but why you ask does it matter?

  • Health. ¬†Folks who live in walkable communities are 6 – 10 pounds lighter then those who do not.
  • Happiness. People who live in areas¬†with good public transit and access to amenities are happier.
  • Environment. Walking produces zero emissions which, no one can argue, is environmentally friendly!
  • Money: You save $$ when you live in a walkable community – lower transportation costs and better access to public transportation. Cars are expensive: the car itself, insurance, gas, maintenance…..
  • Community: The less time you spend driving the more time you spend being involved.

If you don’t believe us go to: for the stats!

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