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Oak Park Gets Organized!

Is organization on your 2013 to do list?  Do you know you have hoarding tendencies but don’t know how to break the bond between you and your stuff?

With over 26 years in the apartment rental business has seen many apartments become a victim of an overwhelming amount of things.

The way to overcome being a slave to your stuff is by starting small.

Pick a closet, drawer or corner of your kitchen and start sorting.  Establish a time limit, 15 to 30 minutes a day.  No excuses, start weeding out items. Do this daily for 10 days and you will be amazed at your progress.  While you are organizing do not fall into the trap of having to buy more storage containers to help you organize. Wait until you are done sorting and see what you can use that you already own.

Create 3 piles for your items; keep, donate/sell and trash. If you love it or use it keep it, otherwise it is time to make some tough decisions.  Selling some of your things can take the sting out of the de-cluttering process and Oak Park has consignment stores for clothing, furniture and home goods to help you make back some $$ on your organizing efforts.

Once you have a handle on your organizing needs set aside 10 minutes a day to keep up your newly formed de-cluttering habits and remember think twice before you buy.

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