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Oak Park Can Make a Difference!

Oak Park is a incredible community with a huge heart.  Since starting our 25th anniversary charity contest has been amazed at the number of non-profit organizations that are located in Oak Park.

From food pantries to services for the developmentally delayed, animal shelters to medical services for needy children, Oak Park’s efforts to positively impact others and promote a greater good are enormous!

Not only is volunteering good for those organizations and the people (or animals) they serve but volunteerism has many benefits for the person who is actually doing the volunteering.

Volunteering connects you to others by making new friends or helps strengthen present relationships, it is good for the mind and body by increasing self-confidence, combating depression and just keeping you moving.  Volunteering can also help your career by supplying valuable experiences in a new field, teaching new job skills and providing networking opportunities.  But most importantly, volunteering brings fulfillment and meaning into life by helping others.

So consider volunteering Oak Parkers (if you don’t already), the opportunities to make a difference are endless and the rewards are many!

Follow the link to find out more about volunteerism in Oak Park:

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