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New Windows Help Defeat Winter At Oak Park Apartments

As a company Oak Park Apartments has made it our mission to not only preserve the historic character of our properties but to improve our buildings in a way that is sustainable for the environment and many more years to come.

One update that makes a huge positive ecological impact is replacement windows. Old windows are one of the biggest single sources of heat loss so by replacing old windows with new, energy efficient ones our properties are better at preserving our Earth’s natural resources. Plus, tenants will also feel so much more comfortable in an apartment that isn’t drafty.

Over the last several years Oak Park Apartments has steadily gone from building to building replacing windows.  Most recently replacing the windows at 301 Oak Park Ave., 302 Washington Blvd., 921 Garfield St., 501 Lombard Ave., 710 N. Austin Blvd. and 1228 N. Austin Blvd – over 1,000 windows exchanged within the last two years.  In fact, only two out of over 45 of our properties have their original windows. ( and those two buildings have historic preservation facade standards that make it trickier for the windows to be replaced.)

So, not only do new windows benefit both our tenants and our Earth in creating a more comfortable and greener place to call home, they are also easier to use and maintain, reduce noise and improve the appearance of the building.  

An all around win, win, win for tenants, property owners and Mother Earth.

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