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Make Your Move Go Smooth

images-3There was a time in apartment rental history when spring/summer were the big move out/move in seasons.  No longer is that the case. Yes, spring and summer are still the busiest rental seasons but now-a-days any of the twelve months can be moving season.

No matter when you decide to move, want to provide some helpful hints to make your move go smooth.

  • De-clutter. Why move what you really don’t use.  Take the time before you pack up all your belongings to make some hard decisions about what you use, like, need.  Create sell, donate and toss piles.  Clothes, furniture and other home goods that are in good condition can be resold at one of Oak Park’s several consignment stores as a great way to put some cash back in your pocket.
  • Rubbermaid Storage. Whether you are moving yourself or hiring a company to
    help, Rubbermaid containers are a durable way to protect, move and store your stuff. Invest a bit of $$ in these containers and they will be around for multiple moves to come.  They come in all shapes and sizes and will also provide you with storage options for seasonal items once you have settled into your new place.
  • Moving Company. If you are using a mover make sure to find a reputable one. Ask friends and family for referrals and then get references.  Get estimates – reputable companies will provide this service for free.  If you are planning on moving during a busy move month make sure you schedule the date with your moving company well in advance.
  • Label, List and Number. By labeling each container, keeping a list of what is in each container and assigning those containers a number you will be able to keep track of your belongings and know what you have when your reach your new home.  A little organization up front will make the transition from place to place significantly less stressful.
  • Daily Essentials. Linens, a towel, toiletries, p.j.’s, change of clothes, a cooler with food/perishables…. pack items separately and specifically that you will need at the end of your move day. Move those yourself so you have instant access to and can easily keep track of those must haves.


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