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Know Your Circuit Breaker But Leave Your Fuse Box To OPA

The holidays are here.  You are feeling festive. You’ve decorated your apartment with strings of lights.  You plug in the lights, ready to enjoy the magic of the holidays.  Instead you hear bzzzzzt and all the lights go out!

Instead of feeling the magic you start feeling around for a flashlight, realizing that you’ve blown a circuit or fuse.

What to do next depends on the type of electrical system your building has – fuse or circuit.

If your building is on a fuse system call – blown fuses are considered an emergency and should not be changed by a tenant.

Luckily most of OPA’s properties are on a circuit breaker system – so the fix is as easy as well, a flip of a switch!

It is important to know where your breaker box is located. Generally the box is found in a common basement area, though some apartments have the breaker box right in unit.

Circuits will be labeled so find the switches that are designated for your apartment.  The circuit that is tripped will be in an “off” position.

The next step: flip that switch!

To see how it is done, click on the link for a quick how to video:

Now it’s time to to enjoy the holiday cheer!

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