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Keep Your Apartment Secure While You Are On Vacation

That long planned for, highly anticipated vacation is just around the corner.  You’ve made all your arrangements, researched your destination and packed your bags. You’re ready to go, right?


In order to ensure that you have no surprises post – getaway, there are a few vacation security suggestions to add to your checklist before you leave:

Vacation Plans – Shhhh

Vacations are fun and it is natural to want to share your excitement. But, for the sake of security, it is a good idea not to let too many people know the details of when you are leaving. Also, make sure not to Facebook, tweet, Instagram, Snapchat, or whatever the new hot social media trend may be, about your plans. Opportunists look for this information, so share your amazing vacations photos, just wait until you get home to do so.

Blinds – Open, Closed, A Little of Both 

Open blinds in rooms where no one can directly see into.  Close blinds in areas other people might have access to like a kitchen window off a back porch.


Put timers on lights and a t.v. or radio.  Make it look and sound like someone is home. Be sure to buy timers that turn on and off at varying intervals to give the appearance of real life. Some newer options allow you to control your lights by downloading an app to your smartphone.

Security Apps

There are a variety of mobile apps to chose from that alert, monitor, record, control and report any suspicious activity to allow you to best manage the level of security in your home while you are away.

Lock and Secure

Doors, windows, storage lockers – prevention is key.

Hide and Seek

Hide your valuables.  Be creative and store your laptop, jewelry, whatever is important to you in an area a criminal would not think to look – just make sure you remember where the location of your hiding place is!

Mail Hold

Finally, put a delivery hold on your mail – that way your mail box won’t be overflowing and your neighbors won’t even realize you’re gone.

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