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How To Secure An Apartment In A Competitive Market

The American dream of home ownership has changed.  Renting, rather than buying, is now the norm.  

Why the shift? Three important reasons: 

  • Flexibility. Being able to go where the job offer is with ease is valuable.
  • Expense. Renting is less expensive than owning. 
  • Maintenance. Plumbing, heating, lawn care and more are all the landlord’s responsibility.

The natural consequence of more people renting is the rental market is now more competitive. 

So how does a prospective tenant secure that perfect apartment with multiple other prospective tenants vying for that same space?

To start, make sure you have a good credit score, a verifiable job history and quality references.

When apartment hunting know what your must-haves are.  Being close to public transportation and having a dishwasher might top many peoples’ lists while, for others, a pet friendly apartment is key. Flexibility is important.  Not every apartment can or will check off every item on your list. 

Let’s mention again the benefits of a good credit score and while we are at it a lack of serious criminal history are definite positives for anyone looking to rent. 

Once you become a tenant being a good neighbor, paying your rent on time, respecting the space you are leasing and considerate interactions with management are ways to ensure that you will receive a lease renewal letter and not incur the time, effort and expense of finding a new apartment year after year.

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