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How To Clean Your Apartment So You Get Your Security Deposit Back


So you are moving.  Money is tight. You want/need your security deposit back from your present landlord. The best strategy – a clean apartment.

All landlords appreciate their property being turned back over in good condition.  Here are a few cleaning tips to help best clean your apartment and guarantee you get your full security deposit back.


Overall Apartment

  • Remove all nails, screws and adhesive hanging products from walls.  Fill holes and touch up the paint.
  • Dust. Start with ceiling fans, light fixtures, ledges – any and all dust collecting surfaces.
  • Clean walls and baseboards.  Purchase a Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser it can help erase marks, crayon, ink, scuffed walls, etc….
  • Vacuum and/or dry dust floors.  If your carpet is stained you should spot treat.


  • Clean out bathroom vanity and medicine cabinet.  Remove any liners and toss. Vacuum then damp wash drawers, shelves and interior spaces.
  • Damp wash exterior of vanity. Remove all residues.
  • Vacuum the tile floor if your vacuum has a hard floor setting or you have an attachment hose to remove hair, dirt, etc.  Otherwise sweep or Swifter.
  • Remove soap scum from tub and surrounding tile.
  • Wipe off faucets, fixtures and mirrors.
  • Replace toilet seat.  Home Depot has them for just over $5.  Just know whether your toilet needs a round or oval seat before you purchase.
  • Finally, mop the floor.


  • Clean out all cabinets and liners.  Wash inside and out.images
  • Pay special attention to the refrigerator/freezer/oven.  Follow the link for specific refrigerator
    and oven tips.
  • Clean and sanitize countertops and back splashes.
  • Clean and shine faucet and sink.
  • Clean dishwasher, inside and out, if you have one.
  • Sweep and wash floors.

For those of you who prefer to clean naturally vinegar, baking soda, lemons and water are a great and inexpensive alternative to store bought products.

Lastly, take pictures of your apartment in it’s clean state so there will be no disputes when you turn in your keys!

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