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Join The Contest: Photos For Oak Park Non-Profits

Oak Park charities are always looking for good pictures of all things Oak Park.  Part of the problem they have faced is a lack of material that is usable for there marketing and promotional materials.  So what better way to beef up their photo library then to get local shutter bugs to snap some Oak Park pictures for a good cause.

There are 5 categories for photo submission:

  • Recreation
  • Arts and Architecture
  • Home and Family
  • Business
  • Education

The contest rules state that photos, of course, need to be taken in Oak Park (and Oak Park only), they need to be taken within the last year (January 1, 2012 until the present), must be in a digital format (JPEG, GIF, TIFF) with a 300 pixels per inch resolution, they  are to be an original work of either an amateur or professional photographer, no human portraits or profiles will be considered and should not digitally enhance or alter the original photo beyond achieving a color balance and sharpness quality.  The size of the print submitted should be 8 x 10.

There will be an overall winner and 5  category specific winners whose photos will be featured in the Oak Park Area Arts Council’s gallery located at Village Hall.  There are also framing and matting prizes for the overall and category winners to help entice participants.

So, start clicking away all you Philander Barclay’s of the 21st century – let’s keep Oak Park’s history alive in film while providing some very worthy non-profits with photos of the Village of Oak Park to help them successfully market their missions!

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