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Getting Greener at!

Current trends that support environmentally sustainable living are undeniably “hot” right now. has always been ahead of the curve and has maintained a commitment over the companies 25 years in business to the greening of our historic apartment buildings.  Some examples of past greening initiatives include the installation of energy efficient windows and compact fluorescent light bulbs.

Presently is implementing energy saving techniques at two of its properties, 511 South Cuyler and 238 Washington Boulevard. These two, three story, apartment buildings are having a cellulose insulation installed in the roof cavity between the ceiling and the roof deck.  This cellulose insulation will limit air flow and adds an R-value of 38 to the roof – a roof that previously had no insulation!

The installation process is  complex. Roofers cut openings into the roof cavity which allows the cellulose insulation to be blown-in. The cellulose is pumped from a truck through piping and sprayed into the roof cavity creating and equal layer covering the whole ceiling. The roof is then sealed and repaired. The cellulose will save as much as 8% of the energy cost per year.

Not only will energy be conserved and a cost savings realized, but a tenants overall quality of apartment living will be positively impacted with an apartment that is better equipped to hold heat throughout the winter months.

As a final “green” request to all our tenants asks that tenants remove all window air conditioning units and close all storm windows.  These two simple acts provide a truly positive “green” impact on the world (as well as keeping your apartments noticeably warmer all winter long.)!  Thank you!

Roof space before insulation


Roof space after insulation!

What a difference this will make!

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