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Donuts, Donuts, Donuts!!!! has been anticipating the return of Oak Park’s Farmers Market.

Yes, the fruits and veggies are lovely, the flowers and plants beautiful and the specialty items enticing but we are so ready to take a bite into the delicious, freshly made, only can be found at the Farmer’s Market -DONUTS!

Plain, powdered or cinnamon – each of these tasty little rounds hold a place in our heartsĀ and our taste buds!

So, yes, go to Oak Park’s Farmer’s Market this Saturday. Buy some farm fresh seasonal fruits and veggies, pick up a bottle of locally harvested honey, take home a wedge of artisan cheese, but mostly get there early (after 10 may be to late -and just to let you know – tenants who live atĀ’s own Lake & Elmwood property, right across the street from the market, have a clear donut advantage!) and buy some melt-in-your-mouth, Farmer’s Market house specialty – DONUTS!

For more information on the non-donut parts of Oak Park’s Farmer’s Market follow the link:

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