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Did You Know? Oak Park History 101

Did you know that Oak Park was originally named Oak Ridge?  

Oak Park received its’ present day name only because there was another Illinois post office named Oak Ridge already in existence.

Oak Park, Illinois

Did you know that Oak Park had only a market, general store, a town newspaper and a stationary store up until 1872?  

It wasn’t until after the Great Chicago Fire that the Village of Oak Park began to truly expand.  One third of the city of Chicago’s residents lost their homes in that fire and many subsequently moved to Oak Park.

Did you know that Oak Park was once governed by the township of Cicero?  

Oak Park was actually one of 8 communities that were under the jurisdiction of the township of Cicero. It was not until 1902 that Oak Park succeeded from Cicero’s township and incorporated its’ own municipality.

Did you know that in the early 1900’s apartments began replacing many of the older “original” Oak Park homes in order to accommodate a rapid population increase?

30,000 more residents called Oak Park home in 1920 then in 1900. Many Oak Park homes were torn down and were replaced by what was known as a walk up courtyard apartment.

Did you know that loves its’ community?


Finding out some of the fun, quirky historical facts only makes us feel more connected to this unique and special place we call home!

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