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Christmas Tree Purchasing Tips

imgresThe holiday season is upon us and is enjoying seeing the many holiday decorations popping up in the windows of our properties.

The standard in holiday decorating is, of course, the Christmas tree.  Choosing the right tree for you and your household will keep your spirits bright throughout the holidays.

The first decision any respectable Christmas tree purchaser needs to decide: real or fake. Making that important decision will lead you in two very different and distinct buying paths.

images-3For both real or fake trees you will need to do some planning before making a purchase.  First, know the height of the room you plan on displaying the tree in. Also, you will need to take in consideration the size of your tree topper and tree stand to know the true height of your tree.  Finally, measure the diameter of the tree as well as the area where you plan on placing the tree before finalizing that tree purchase.

Once you have taken these measurements and decided on real or fake you are ready to go out and make your purchase.

Artificial trees come in many varieties: pre-lit, pre-decorated or flocked.  Presently there are two primary types of artificial trees on the market – PVC (polyvinyl chloride), the most common type of artificial tree or the newer, PE (polyethylene) which is touted as looking very realistic.

Assembly of an artificial tree is next – read the directions and keep the box for storage. Properly storing your tree will keep it looking good for many holidays to come.


If you decide on a real tree, be it Douglas, Frasier, Blue Spruce or Balsam, freshness is the most important factor to consider (unless, of course, you are cutting your own!).  Know the diameter of your tree stand and make sure to measure the diameter of the tree trunk when you are tree shopping.

When purchasing a fresh tree check the needles. If too many needles pull off as you run your fingers along the branch then chances are that tree has been cut awhile ago. The tree should have that wonderful fragrance and the branches should be flexible, not brittle.

Once securing your tree in its’ stand make sure to water, water, water – and plain water is best.  Do not let your water level fall below the base of the tree or it may seal over and
stop drinking.

Lastly, for the real tree purchaser also invest in a plastic tree bag – this makes cleaning up a breeze after the holidays are over!

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