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Bicycle Barclay – Oak Park’s First Unofficial Historian

Oak Park prides itself on a lot of things – architecture, diversity, a fun place to live and its history. And thanks to one particular early Oak Parker, Philander Barclay, Oak Park has much of its’ history captured on film. Barclay was a bicycle repairman by trade with a passion for photography. Sometime in the 1880’s […]

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Oak Park Is A Location To Love

When deciding on where to live we have all heard the mantra: location, location, location.   Choosing a good location to call home, whether you rent or own makes sense. What factors make a “good” location? Excellent school systems, an economically stable community, being near public transportation, jobs, entertainment and shopping – to name a […]

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Know Your Oak Park History 101

One of the reasons people are drawn to Oak Park is it has history.  From the Kettlestrings to Philander Barclay, Frank Lloyd Wright to Ernest Hemingway, Oak Park has stories to tell.  For those new or just unfamiliar with Oak Park’s historical timeline here are a few points to help know your community. Joseph Kettlestrings, […]

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The Elmwood Tea Room had heard rumors about a “Tea Room” being located at our 418 Lake St. property (Lake and Elmwood is how it is fondly referred to).  Looking for some information on the history of the the “Tea Room”, OakParkApartments went to its’ friends at The Historical Society of Oak Park and River Forest to ask […]

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Did You Know? Oak Park History 101

Did you know that Oak Park was originally named Oak Ridge?   Oak Park received its’ present day name only because there was another Illinois post office named Oak Ridge already in existence. Did you know that Oak Park had only a market, general store, a town newspaper and a stationary store up until 1872?   […]

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Thank You Bicycle Barclay wants to give a nod of thanks to Oak Park’s earliest unofficial historian, Philander Barclay. Barclay was a bicycle repairman by trade with a passion for photography. Sometime in the 1880’s Bicycle Barclay, as he is fondly known, diligently traversed throughout the two communities of Oak Park and River Forest on his bicycle taking pictures […]

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Getting To Know E.E. Roberts

Oak Park is a community that has history.  E.E. Roberts, famed architect, was one of Oak Park’s historical notables. likes knowing its history.  Many of OPA’s properties are vintage, being built during the early 1900’s and some properties are truly historic.  OPA feels that when a property is designed by a notable architect it has […]

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