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Brrr… Tips For Surviving A Midwest Winter

Winter is here and with Arctic – like temps.images

What should you do if your apartment feels chilly?

Oak Park Apartments recommends 3 simple steps that you as a tenant can easily do to provide instant results:

  1. Remove any and all window air conditioning units!
  2. Close all storm windows.
  3. Open your radiator valves, righty tight-y, lefty loose-y, to control the amount of hot water/steam that circulates through each of your radiators.

Addressing those 3 major heat-draining issues will help you to be more cozy in your apartment but remember, it is still winter in the mid-west so layering your clothing is necessary to be warm even indoors – a t-shirt and shorts will simply not cut it!

images-1Plus one last important safety tip:

When a slick layer of ice is coating a majority of the outdoor surfaces, Oak Park Apartments strongly advises its’ tenants to use the front hallways/entryways and avoid back porch stairs, which tend to freeze first.

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