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Beat Back Winter At The Oak Park Conservatory

It’s mid-winter. The weather is cold, gray and dreary. Spring seems like a long ways away.  

So how do you beat the winter blues and give yourself a taste of spring, all while staying in Oak Park?

By visiting one of Oak Park’s treasures, the Oak Park Conservatory, for that much needed respite.

The Oak Park Conservatory offers a local escape from the elements for the weather weary that is both beautiful and free – though a good will donation is suggested and appreciated in order to help maintain this fabulous structure.

The Oak Park Conservatory’s Edwardian-style glass structure was built in 1929 and presently houses “more than 3,000 plants, some of which date back to the Conservatory’s founding.”

The Conservatory is one of the top 3 historical sites in Oak Park and boasts fern, tropical and desert rooms to roam through.

Also offered along with the beauty of the Conservatory’s botanical displays are seasonal events, educational gatherings, gardening and artistic workshops, volunteer opportunities and more.

So, Oak Parkers, if you have not yet experienced the wonder and tranquility of the Oak Park Conservatory make your way to 615 Garfield Street, step inside and fool yourself into thinking it is spring!

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