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Are You A Good Tenant?


Today’s rental market is a competitive one. With more and more young professionals staying renters for the sake of job mobility the rental market has become much more landlord friendly.

So how do you show the landlord/management company that you will be a good tenant and secure the apartment of your dreams?

Make sure you have a good credit score, a verifiable job history and quality references to start.

When looking for an apartment know what your must-haves are.  Being close to public transportation and having a dishwasher might top some people’s lists while, for others, a pet friendly apartment is key. Then be flexible.  Not every apartment can or will check off everything on your list.  (Yes, we’d all like an indoor pool, but are you being realistic?)

Finally, a landlord has the right not to renew a lease.  Being a good neighbor to your fellow renters, paying your rent on time, respecting the space you are leasing and being considerate when interacting with management are all ways to be a good tenant which will help to ensure that you will receive a lease renewal letter when your lease is up and not have to incur the time, effort and expense of finding a new apartment year after year.

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