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Apartment Resolutions

With the ringing in of the new year many people have been making and probably already breaking some 2012 New Years resolutions. Here are a few apartment “living” resolutions suggested by your friends at

Get Renter’s Insurance: As your landlord has insurance, but it won’t help you if your personal belongings are damaged or destroyed.  Not only will a good renter’s insurance policy protect your stereo, camera and computer if there is a fire or theft but it will also protect you against liability claims if someone is injured while at your apartment.

Create a Budget: Creating a household budget is always a good idea.  Even more so if you are having a hard time making ends meet.  The rule of thumb for rental expenditures is not to pay more than 1/3 of your net income on rent.  Also, when thinking of housing make sure not to forget to factor into your budget things like utilities and parking.  A good way to live more affordably is to find a roommate and split costs.

Be a Good Neighbor: Be respectful of noise – your own or even your pets.  Nothing says good neighbor more then an awareness that you are sharing a space with other people.  If you do have an issue with another neighbor approach that neighbor with a goal of trying to solve a problem – explain your concerns and see how you both can work out a resolution!

Be Safe: Make sure all locks are working on your apartment and common area doors – if not wants to know.  Stay alert when entering or leaving your apartment or car – criminals look for people who are distracted. Report common area lights that have burned out bulbs or aren’t working – well lit is safe.  Take pictures of your valuables and store them in a fire-proof safe that is kept in a discreet place.  Most importantly, if you see anyone or thing that is suspicious call 911 immediately.

Stay Warmer & Be Greener: How you say? By removing your air conditioning unit and closing your storm windows!  You will be warmer during the harsh winter weather (though we have been lucky so far this season!) but, you will also be conserving heat and helping Mother Earth!

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