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Apartment Indoor Herb Gardening Tips

Longing for spring amid the recent January chill? Do you want to add a little green into your life to keep from feeling the seasonal effects of winter?

Herbs are the answers.

Herbs will add a fresh flavor to anything you are cooking, are easy to grow on a windowsill and, depending on what you grow, will smell wonderful in your apartment.

The ideal location for an herb garden is a kitchen window, close to where you are cooking and near the faucet so you can water your plants. You want to make sure your plants receives six hours of sun so choose a location that makes the most “sun” sense.

The right pot is the next key decision when planning your garden.  Purchase pots that have drain holes otherwise the roots of your plants will rot. Place a saucer under your pots to catch any water that will drain through the soil, protecting the surfaces that are under your pots. Chose a quality potting soil that provides plenty of nutrients, to make sure your herbs thrive.

Which herbs should you purchase? That decision is a personal preference. There are many herbs to pick from that are easy growers. Mint, basil, parsley, chives are just a few options but growing something you will use when cooking or mixing cocktails makes the most sense.

Once you have selected and potted your herb garden getting to know your plants individual personalities is crucial. How much water each plant demands will need your attention but a general rule is to water the herbs where the soil and plant meet, not on the leaves and to let the soil dry out between waterings. The biggest mistake a gardener can make is over-watering.

Since winters are dreary, provide an additional light source to see your garden grow. A clamp-on light with an energy saving LED bulb is a good choice.  Clamp the light at least 4 to 6 inches from the herbs. If you notice brown spots on your plants then the light is too close to the leaves.

Once your herbs take off breathe in deep, picture a spring day and enjoy the added bonus of the fresh aroma of your indoor garden.

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