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Apartment Etiquette 101

Some people “get it” and well, some people just “don’t” when it comes to being a good neighbor.

No judgement, but a little lesson on how to be respectful when living in close quarters with others may be just what this world needs to hear as we start the new year.

Noise – The number one neighbor complaint. Whether you are having a party, running a vacuum or walking across your hardwood floors in the early morning hours you need to remember that other people live all around you.  So if you are having a party watch the volume or make sure to invite your neighbors.  If you feel the need to clean keep it between reasonable hours, 9 – 9 seems like common sense.  Are you up at 5 a.m. for work?  If so leave off those hard soled shoes while you pace back and forth across your apartment practicing the presentation you’ve prepared for your client. And, any guests you invite to your apartment, should be noise respectful as well.

Pets – Excessive, continuous pet noises are not o.k., either is aggressive behavior. Not everyone is a pet person so be considerate.  Cleaning up after your pet does its “stuff” is a good neighbor must which absolutely includes litter box maintenance.

Parking – Watch how and where you park. Respect the lines.  If you parked poorly and are hugging one side of your space with your car pull out and try again so your parking neighbor doesn’t get the squeeze. Don’t double park. Blocking someone in is just plain wrong, always and forever.  And the most grievous of parking sins – parking in someone else’s space, even for a minute, is an absolute no-no.

Laundry – Keep track of the time.  Know how long a wash and dry cycle takes and then switch your laundry when that time is up.  No one should have to wait for more then 10 to 15 minutes after a wash/dry cycle is done for someone to change or fold their laundry.  And while your at it – clean out the lint after your clothes are done drying.  Your clothes, your lint.  On the reverse – do not move someone else’s clothes out of the wash into a dryer or worse yet, in a heap on the folding table.  Give that person 10 – 15 minutes to take care of their wet laundry on their own. Same with the dryer – but after 15 minutes, if no one is removing their laundry, it is o.k. to nicely (yes, nicely) remove and place the laundry on a clean folding table.

Garbage/Recycling – Don’t hog the dumpsters.  Break down boxes and compact what you are throwing out or recycling so the receptacles can be used by everyone.  Properly bag your garbage and take it out regularly.  No one ever needs to smell someone else’s garbage through their apartment walls when there are conveniently located garbage cans readily available.

Smoking – Not at Oak Park Apartments. Ever. All of our properties are smoke free so there should be no smoke smells of any kind coming from your place.

Tolerance & Patience – Remember to show others the same respect and kindness that you would like to be shown to you.  And that includes when you speak to our apartment management staff. Asking, in a courteous tone, is the appropriate way to interact with other human beings in every situation.

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