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A Chill is in the Air

download was looking at this mornings extended weather forecast and brrrr, this weekend looks chilly!

We’d like our tenants to be as cozy as possible so by following a few simple tips you can be sure to be warm and toasty as the temperatures dip.

  • Remove window air conditioning units: Yes, potential for a heat wave is officially over – there is no longer a chance for 90 degree temps this late in October according to Tom Skilling but the reality of a heat wave isn’t happening – so be warm and take out those window air conditioning units.
  • Close storm windows/windows:  Open windows and storms are the single biggest loss of heat in your apartment so it makes sense to take the time to close both the storm windows and regular windows – making sure they are sealed tight.
  • Don’t Block Radiators or heating vents – First, give your radiators a good cleaning, accumulated dust will actually absorb the heat that should be radiating into your unit (and yes this is a tenants responsibility).  Next, make sure that your furniture is not blocking the radiators, this too will absorb the heat and prevent the heat from circulating throughout your apartment.
  • Insulated curtains – This is an inexpensive investment that will keep rooms better insulated, block window drafts and is something that you can take with you and reuse if you move.

So do a little chilly weather preparation, grab a fuzzy blanket, put on a toasty sweater, and enjoy a cup of hot tea as the weekend temps take a nose dive!  Oh, and your helping the environment too!

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