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5 Tips to Warm Up Your Apartment (Without Turning Up the Heat)

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Chicago winters are notoriously cold, but your Oak Park apartment doesn’t have to be. When the temperature drops, your instinct may be to crank up the heat, but if you want to keep your energy bill down, consider giving some – or all – of these clever hacks a try.

Put Your Beach Towels to Good Use

Prevent those Chicago wind gusts from seeping underneath your windows and doors with draft stoppers, or just use rolled up beach towels – not like they’re getting any use right now anyway. Keep your curtains closed to help block out cold air, and open them when the sun is out to allow in the extra warmth.

Invest in a Set of Flannel Sheets

With winters like ours, every Chicago area apartment should have a set of flannel sheets. They not only keep you warm all night, but they don’t feel cold when you first get into bed. Don’t forget the down comforter, and, if your bed is against an exterior wall, consider moving it a few inches away for the winter.

Add Area Rugs & Throw Blankets

Tile, laminate and hardwood floors are more hypoallergenic than carpets, but they can be pretty cold in the winter. Add a few area rugs to warm up your floors, and keep a throw blanket on the couch for curling up whenever you’re relaxing. If you have pets, snuggle up for some bonus body heat.

Wear Thin Layers

Layers aren’t just for outdoor activities. In fact, a few thin, loose-fitting layers can go a long way to insulating you when you’re indoors, too. Keep your feet warm with thick socks or slippers, and consider a scarf. This is a great trick for cold offices, too. It might not seem like much, but by simply covering the exposed skin around your neck, you can actually trick your body into feeling warmer without a lot of bulk.

Shower with the Door Open

Okay, so this might be a bit challenging if you’ve got a roommate, but humid air feels warmer than dry air, so the steam from your shower can actually make the apartment feel warmer. If showering with the door open isn’t for you, you can also pick up one of those ultra-sonic humidifiers that allow you to switch between warm and cold air.

Chicago Winters are Cold, But Your Apartment Doesn’t Have to Be

Our winters may be cold and windy, but with these clever hacks, your Oak Park apartment will be warm and cozy.

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